Versus, Fall/Winter 2010

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Joaquin Phoenix in To Die For (Gus Van Sant 1995)



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Wolfgang Tillmans, from Chemistry Squares, 1992.

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The Four Arts: Music by Alphonse Mucha

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This beautiful gentleman will be coming to live with me upon my return from Helsinki!! He is a rescue dog who comes from a difficult background and I found him through Cork DAWG. I’ve been looking to adopt an animal for about 4 years now and I finally am in a place where I can honestly devote the time and care needed to an animal who needs it.

He’s a gorgeous mahogany brindle/white staffie who is just so gentle and charming. He’s very shy though what with his past, and it takes a while for him to open up around you - even to look into your eyes/allow you to pat him without avoidance signs. However, when he does, it is just the most beautiful feeling. (he seems to like me singing to him in Finnish! ^.^; allowed me to belly rub him and went for a snooze while I did…) I believe that with love and attention and proper care and exercise, he can become so much more happy and relaxed, and perhaps let go of some of the hurt he is holding on to. I adore him already!

I’m re-naming him Maru, the suffix in Japanese - one, because I decided years ago that I loved the sound of it, but mainly because of the meaning it would denote. Circle, full circle, perfect, whole. He may have been in a negative situation but beyond that as a soul he has always been perfect and whole, and hopefully now he can come full circle and start to live life with joy again.

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Nicola Samori - Maddalena, 2010, oil on wood, 70 x 50 cm | More

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Fixin a get m’self burned at the stake darlin.

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"You know a moment is important when it is making your mind go numb with beauty."
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tanya katysheva at suno fw 14.15

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to want the world is a fool's game
yet I have no shame as I ask for it


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"As to the man whose heart obeys his belly, he causes disgust in place of love. His heart is wretched, his body is gross, he is insolent toward those endowed of the God. He that obeys his belly has an enemy.
- The Instructions of Ptah Hotep

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